Flying dream

Eight frames captured a new story
About a butterfly in all its glory,
Which went missing the same day
It revealed its inner ray.

Someone said it fell in love
While looking at a screen,
It danced until it was void of…
Then fainted on a zebra at eighteen.

All we can hope is that one day,
Its flying dreams will come to stay.

“Flying dream” – Our wish for 2018 to love what you do, so dreams can come true!
We had a real adventure in the quest of bringing to life this photo story.
It started by missing the flight, losing the car keys at the airport, having the house key locked inside the car, staying trapped in the car during a heavy storm with ice rain (no phone battery, alone, while one of us went for the car keys), two days on the road with a fan of Balkanic music spiced with ‘90s rhytms and other “special effects” life imagined for this trip.
Luckily, the road is never painted only in black. Through its white lines we got to travel to unexpected locations, to meet beautiful people, to see an imaginary butterfly rise and fall in its search for love, to learn not to give up on our dreams.

True story.

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