Anastasia Romanov

Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his wife Alexandra Fyodorovna.

On 17th of July 1918 she and her family were murdered in Yekaterinburg by the Bolshevik secret police.

For many years nobody knew where she was buried and until 2009 when DNA testing proved the truth, many women claimed to have been Anastasia. The most famous was Anna Anderson who claimed that she was saved by a man who brought her to Bucharest where she had a son. After her husband’s death during a fight she left the child at an orphanage and fled to Germany to find an aunt from the royal family, whom she never found.

We dedicate this series to Anastasia and her family.
Fashion designer: George Neagu
Makeup artist: Simona Purice
Model: Andreea Rochian

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